The masked introvert

There are many misguided definitions of an introvert. Both Introvert and extrovert occur on a spectrum and no one on this problematic ridden planet is completely one or the other ….however, certain challenges and traits are shared.

Growing up until the age of 22 I never even knew what this fucking word meant! I knew I was somewhat different and always tried to fit in, but never could. Drained is one word I can honestly say to describe what I felt like in social settings. Even in this day and age everyone is encouraged to fit the clone of the next person…. Little did I know doing the complete opposite would eventually save me from years of depression and anxiety. In today’s culture being an extrovert is highly regarded as society’s winning direction for a successful and ‘normal’ life.. Bullshit.

Many people use the terms “introvert” and “shy” interchangeably. They think that all introverts are timid, which is not the case at all. Both tend to avoid big social situations but in some ways introverts can be the most confident and secure people. Introverts need that time alone to recharge their energy and to gain their focus back.We live in a world where social etiquette was largely designed by and for extroverts so we introverts can come off being very rude… we prefer a a little less off the small talk.

While there is so much to say on the topic I’d rather keep it short and simple before my blog  turns into a bible novel.. so just be yourself and fuck society really.



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