Tawharanui Regional park hike

Not one fucking SELFIE STICK in site! Praise the Lord!

I initially was going to hike this trail with a group of hiking buddies but opted for a last minute spontaneous change to do it alone.

Perfect solitude is what I would use to describe my east coast fresh air filled hike this morning. Have you ever just wanted that space? Real space… like an entire coast peninsula.. Well this is the fucking spot I tell ya! I recommend an early start, maybe even go for a stunning spectacular sunrise while you’re at it. Words cannot describe the moment when you reach the peninsula lookout of this track.

Getting there: North of Auckland you will need to keep on State highway 1 until you reach Warkworth. Drive past the turn off to Warkworth shopping centre, and onto the only traffic lights on the highway – TURN right, look for the sign to Leigh township. On the Matakana Road 8.9km along this road is the township of Matakana. If you’re into your coffee… fuck.. you’re going to have to pit stop off at one of the amazing and impressive winery cafes Matakana has to offer.https://plumerestaurant.co.nz/plume-cafe/ You’ll then want to turn right 1.7km after Matakana then drive for another 13km until you reach Lagoon/Anchor bay carpark…. keep in mind you’ll be driving over a fair bit of gravel towards the end.. so don’t be a stupid fucking idiot and bring a Ferrari:)


Location: Warkworth – 26.3km
Nearest Town: Warkworth – 26.3km
Nearest City: Auckland – 87.4km
Length of Walk: 10.00kms
Time Needed: 4 hours
Difficulty: Very Easy
Wheelchair Access: No
Route: Round Trip
Elevation: 91m
Wet Feet: No
Toilets: Yes
Dogs: No
Cellphone: Yes
Date last updated: November, 2006
Track quality: Grassy farm land
Aliens: Yes


Remember to pick up your rubbish and strictly no dogs are allowed on this track due to the protection of native birds, some ugly and some insanely gorgeous birds.

Nearby camping is also an option for those wanting to wake up to fresh air and stunning scenery.




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