Fresh air and Zero fucks.

I’m afraid.

Not of starting this incredibly strange journey into the world of blogging… but time itself. Time to find purpose in this confusing thing we call life. What the fuck does that even mean?

I start with what I know… SURVIVAL.┬áMaking it my mission to start every morning with a ‘just get through the day’ mentality. Gone are the days where I would plan 5 years ahead only to disappoint myself into a downward failure situation.

So where does the fresh air and zero fucks fit in? It all starts today with a passion of mine… hiking Mt Pirongia. I guess in literal terms I possess the actual skills and knowledge to survive in some cunt of a situation in the wilderness. An Escape from the road rage traffic jams of Auckland into my Oasis. My isolated Bear Grylls world of fresh air.. where I give no fucks for anyone but myself.

I’m no Dr Hillbilly Phill nor do I claim to know how anything in life is supposed to be… but I do know that when I’m in my happy place of wilderness and photography, I’m Alive. I’m reborn into a fresh new life for the day. To be able to think clearly of no influence has been extremely hard for me, especially having been raised in such a negative up bringing.

What is your happy place? Focus on that being your priority because at the end of the day it could save your life. It saved mine, literally. Being a prisoner in your own mind I can honestly say is an understatement. Find your zero fucks place and commit to it.

Anyway, enough of the heavy shit! If you’re ever in New Zealand, never hike up Mt Pirongia! Geez, fuck. 12 hours of mud up to your knees going uphill ain’t pretty but I fucking did it!



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